As we have all been seeing Technology change and challenge the industry of Arts&Culture, my mind has been jumping between the fear and faith in myself as an artist and an entrepreneur. I find myself excited about the change we are in. In other times the fear and doubt of the unknown tries to overwhelm. Overwhelmed by the fact that our industry is so flooded. That everybody has the ability to create beautiful pieces of art. Everybody can take creative pictures and Photoshop them until they look, well, fairly pro. Things like Instagram! Everybody is a musician, a film maker, an artist, a photographer…. Everything is determined by the number of clicks. Fact is Everybody is making mediocre music, art, films, images…and society is enjoying it. Are we on the verge of a new dark age where arts&culture will be completely lost?

Truth is no matter where you go in the world there are creatives that are equally excited and afraid! Afraid because they do not know where their next pay-check is coming from, or who the next one hit wonder on the internet will be, but they are excited because of what they are busy creating.

 We need to realize it is not about fame, but rather passion! Are we following the leading of our hearts or allowing our audience, society, to dictate who we are? The artist is the author! Not the audience. Once the audience becomes the author then The Art will be lost. 

The “new-age” of Technology has caused an evolution, and it is GREAT! It is time to realize that there is nothing to fear as now we can all evolve expressing our individualism. It’s a time for personal expression! A time for the setting apart from the mediocre.

Fact is Technology always comes first. And it has been since the first painter, musician, photographer and film maker. It is the artist that then comes afterwards and takes this technology, abusing it, changing and altering it, forming it to their own individual creative expression. I do think that with more options comes more creativity! How exciting!  

We the Artist have the power!As artist we must follow the inner rebellion..the rebellion refusing to believe what all of those people say, that we can’t do this. That we won’t be a success. It is a time where Incredible talent can work on their own and promote themselves. They no longer need the big enterprises. We are the new breed of independent artists and it is Time to Unleash the full potential of our creativity. It is time to Make It Happen! Who cares what the man says. Damn the man! (As our friend in the film Empire Records told us decades ago) Who cares what the world says. 

And remember, why do we make art? I hope we do it to inspire people! Truth is it has become about how the artist approaches the audience. But it is this time where we start to push the limits. We live in a society that wants fast, entertaining, flashy, attention grabbing, different. They want to experience it, feel it emotionally, have a deeper connection with it. They want to be surprised, get excited and learn something. And they are spoilt for choice! So, what makes you stand out when people want a genuine and human connection to art? We need to learn how to tell the story and be comfortable with the technology changing year after year. Evolve with it!  Personalization=independence!

BUT Don’t rely too much on the technology as this only brings a mediocre performance. Don’t rely on the “we can edit it, change it, add this later…” As a make-up artist and hairstylist I believe my work should be perfect, as if Photoshop didn’t exist. As an artist you add the qualities to the art work! It is not the software. Software can enhance but must not be the elements that makes it! Honesty and vulnerability makes art. Allow yourself to Feel vulnerable when creating! Don’t let technology and modernism steal that! Adapt but don’t compromise. Do not get trapped by the rules. Accept the unexpected! Nothing is predetermined and that’s what makes it fun. We have no idea what the future holds!

Could it be that we are living in a revolutionary period?
What do you want to remember about what you did in this time looking back 10 years from now?

And remember, when we collaborate genius is born. Don’t keep it all to yourself. Share the knowledge. You will be enriched enriching others. We are created to share-not to be selfish. This is how ideas spread and evolve. One idea to the next and the next and the next…


My last words… Let the fear drive you!

 Quote below by Joseph Chilton Pearce

This article was massively inspired by the documentary PRESS PAUSE PLAY as it voiced all my thoughts and fears and final conclusion.

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